My Drag Closet My Drag Closet is auctioning everything from costumes to couture: hats, furs, statement jewelry, summer fashions and much more. America/New_York America/New_York America/New_York 20181104T020000 -0400 -0500 EST 20190310T020000 -0500 -0400 EDT 20190325T182329Z Hamburger Mary's Now there’s TWO NIGHTS of Bingo… Every Sunday and Monday! “HamBINGO Mary’s” starts at 8pm DOWNSTAIRS in the dining room… With Velicity Metropolis calling the balls, you know this ain’t your church bingo! $15 to play all night, and the money goes to a different Chicagoland charity each week! $3 Domestic bottles all day Sunday! Tonight’s Charity: 20160403T200000 20160403T220000 20160403T200000 20160417T200000 20160424T200000 20160501T200000 20160508T200000 20160515T200000 20160522T200000 20160529T200000 20160605T200000 20160612T200000 20160619T200000 20160626T200000 FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=SU 0 HamBINGO Mary’s Chicago